Disable Edge and Bing for search with Microsoft PowerToys

February 6, 2022 | Reading time 2 minutes

One of the most annoying things in Windows is that it forces you to use Microsoft Edge and Bing. When using Windows Search it ignores your default browser and search engine and opens Edge with Bing.

On my Mac I use spotlight (instead of Windows Search) and it uses my default browser and search engine. That is how I want Windows to operate, too. Luckily, there is an easy fix and it is made by Microsoft.

Install PowerToys

First, you need to install Microsoft PowerToys. You can download it for free from the Windows Store or download from Github. It offers tools for window management, power rename, color picker and more.

No more Edge and Bing on Windows

The tool we are looking for is PowerToys Run. It works a bit like Spotlight on Mac. You open Spotlight with Cmd + Space, you open PowerToys Run with Alt + Space. You use it for opening apps and files and for searching.

After opening PowerToys Run, you see a floating search box. Type in a query and you see that it wants to execute it with my default browser Chrome. And, that is what it does. With my default search engine. No Microsoft Edge, no Bing.

When you enter the name of an app, PowerToys Run opens the app.

Screenshot of the Windows desktop with a baby Yoda as background and a pop-up of PowerToys Run.

Other tools in PowerToys

There is more to PowerToys than PowerToys Run. It is packed with other great tools like:

  • PowerRename for renaming multiple files.
  • Image Resizer for quickly resizing images.
  • FancyZones for better window management.
  • File Explorer add-ons for adding more preview functions to File Explorer.
  • Keyboard Manager for remapping keymaps and keyboard shortcuts.

Just give it a try, I’m sure each serious Windows user will love PowerToys.

The PowerToys tools should be part of Windows by default. It makes it so much better, and not being forced to use Edge and Bing is probably the best one.