Notes pulled me back to the Mac

July 4, 2020 | Reading time 2 minutes

People must think I’m an idiot, but the headline is true. Notes is an important reason why I returned to the Mac. Yes, I’m talking about the default note app by Apple. I can’t resist the simplicity, with the right amount of features, that this app has. I tried numerous other apps, but none of them come close to how I like Notes. The main reason is that most apps try to do too much and that ambition turns each one of them into an indomitable behemoth. Evernote has its pro’s but the app on Windows is much worse than on macOS and it’s slow compared to Notes. OneNote just doesn’t work for me and Notion is not an option because there is no option to save all notes offline. And that story goes on for all other note taking apps I have tried (it’s a long list, believe me).

Features that make Notes great:

  • Easy create new notes and folders.
  • Share notes of folders with others.
  • Simple formatting with list, to do’s and headings.
  • Add images.
  • Add files.
  • Add tables
  • The ability to lock individual notes.
  • Seamless syncing with iCloud.
  • It’s fast.

That sums up about all features and that’s what makes Notes great.

If I had to pick one downside, it would be that you can’t export your notes and import them in another app. I can imagine why Apple hasn’t added this feature, but it would make a great app perfect.

I’m happy to be back Mac.

p.s. Surface Laptop it’s not your fault and I still like you, but Windows keeps picking on me with little bugs and annoyances.

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