Formatting decimals in Notion

June 8, 2021 | Reading time 1 minute

Formulas in Notion are great but, other than Excel or Google Sheets, it doesn’t offer a visual option for setting the numbers of decimals in a number. By default, it will look like this. You divide a number and it shows literally all decimals. When you divide 140 by 60 it returns 2.333333333333.

Most people and situations don’t need that number of precision. And it looks a bit ugly. Instead, you probably want the number with one (2.3) or two decimals (2.33).

The trick in Notion is using the round function in the formula as shown in the next image.

the round function in Notion for formatting decimal place

How this works:

  • Go to the original formula in Notion: prop(“Minutes”) / 60.
  • Now start the formula with round.
  • Multiply the outcome (in this example by 10) and divide it with the same number.
  • For 1 decimal you multiply/divide by 10, for 2 by 100, for 3 by 1,000, etc.

It now returns the decimal place you want.